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FRIATEC-Rheinhütte Pumps & Valves, LLC provides sales, service and technical support in North America for our principals. We have provided our local customer base in the U.S., Canada and Mexico outstanding sales, service and support for many years. FRIATEC-Rheinhütte GmbH & Co. Wiesbaden, Germany has more than 100 years of experience in pumps, specialty alloys and applications in industrial, chemical, sulphur and handling of hazardous liquids worldwide.

Its product range includes horizontal, vertical, axial flow and liquid ring vacuum pumps in various materials including metals, thermoplastics (PP, PE, PVDF, etc.), and specialty ceramics. Each pump is individually engineered, manufactured and wet-tested according to the requirements of each specific application. With over one hundred years of experience, our pumps solve your pumping headaches, without creating new ones.

FRIATEC AG, St. Ingbert, Germany has supplied specialty valves since 1860 to operate under the most severe conditions that industry can create. From steel mills where temperatures can exceed 2000 deg F to ethylene plants where both high temperatures and highly abrasive particulate concentrations abound, FRIATEC AG, has provided its customers with engineered valves that have met their needs in terms of technical requirements, long service life, low maintenance and reasonable prices. Let us help you with your valve applications today!

Log on into www.friatec-rheinhutte.com for more information and to see how we can help solve your pump or valve problems.

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